About Pillar4

We’re the #1 content and commerce engine connecting people to the best brands in sleep, nutrition, fitness, and mental health

Our Process

Hands-on product testing

Across our three studios, our team of industry experts tests products first-hand to review the best in mattresses, fitness equipment, and more.

Expert advisory panel

Our expert panel of doctors, specialists, and industry veterans provide science-backed information to help make our content trustworthy and authoritative.

Original content

We help our audience of tens of millions monthly readers practice healthy habits day and night with our comprehensive resources and buying guides.

Editorial partnerships

We work with high-profile media partners to bring our in-depth product review content to tens of millions of new readers.

Pillar4 Office Map

Pillar4 has teams and operating hubs in Charlotte, Raleigh, New York City, and Austin

We’re a part of the Three Ships family of digital businesses, headquartered in Raleigh.

Our Core Values

Get After It

Exemplify passion and edge.
Show strong initiative.
Play to win.

Build the Team

Energize others.
Carry the culture.
Own your development.

Act With Focus

Manage time well.
Deliver on inputs.
Drive meaningful outcomes.

Obsess Over Customers

Earn consumer trust.
Solve real problems.
Execute with empathy.

Grow Without Limits

Stay curious.
Challenge the status quo.
Practice candor.

Commit to Service

Ask for help and help others.
Serve in our communities.
Be a force for good.

P4 thrive Logo

We thrive when we serve one another

P4 thrive is a company-wide initiative with, you guessed it, four pillars aimed at giving back to our team and the communities in which we live and work.

P4 moves Logo

To be healthier

Through quarterly fitness challenges and a $125 monthly wellness stipend for the gym, house cleaning, grocery deliveries, and more, we encourage our team to focus on both physical and mental health.

To emphasize our commitment to wellness, our team has flexible paid time off so we can recharge and return to work invigorated and inspired.

P4 reads Logo

To continue to learn

When you have a group of smart, curious people, you’ve got to take advantage! P4 reads is a company-wide book club tackling one book a quarter.

From novels to articles and podcasts, anything that sparks discussion and reflection is up for nomination.

P4 gives Logo

To serve our communities

P4 gives responds to the critical needs of our communities through large-scale social impact campaigns and quarterly opportunities to work with mission-aligned organizations, including Beds for Kids and The Green Chair Project.

We also offer a dollar-for-dollar match on charitable donations up to $1,000 a year, so we can invest in the causes you care about.

P4 hangs Logo

To stay connected

The team has a high bar for excellence, but also a real interest in each other and making work fun.

From happy hours and volunteering events to our daily battle rhythm that keeps us connected, we genuinely enjoy spending time with each other.

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